Always buying Antique Dolls of all kinds, Vintage Barbie dolls. Doll parts and Doll Accessories.

Appraisals for $10.00 (Paypal) but will give buying offer free.

Please, if you are thinking about selling your dolls and if you have looked your items up in a book, remember this: "Books do not buy anything!" They are only a guide, and many times the inexperienced and uninformed non-collector-researcher misinterprets the information. Most books list prices for items that are MINT IN ORIGINAL boxes, that means never taken out of the box! While most items are actually in played with condition. Price guides, while somewhat helpful, are often out of date and cannot keep up with the most current market trends, especially now that the Internet has changed the market on everything.

Listed below are items that I am looking to buy.

Thank you.

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Free OffersKaren is always interested in purchasing collections of Barbie® Doll, her friends and accessories and Antique Bisque/porcelain Dolls and accesssories or parts. Karen only buys Barbie®dolls from the 1950's and 1960's. Antique and Vintage dolls of all kinds. Only 1800's to 1970. So if you write asking about newer dolls your email will not be answered. Write to Karen at Karen is willing to help you by telling you the current market value of your Antique Doll and/or Barbie dolls. Remember that all aspects, including clothing, accessories, originality and quality, makes a huge difference in value when it comes to your dolls. For a retail or insurance value, simply email Karen at:petitefantasyart@yahoo.comand she will send you an invoice for $10. to be paid through Paypal. Or just send pictures for free offer price. Please type Dolls Offer or Appraisal in the subject line of your email.

With all items, pictures are a must!! Send them by email please. Without pictures you will not receive an answer. Karen is happy to help you but please bear with us because Karen cannot appraise or make an offer on dolls that she cannot see.
We look forward to doing business with you!